in the dicksand.

A podcast.



"Neck-deep in the dicksand" is a podcast.

It's Pokémon Go for patriarchal bullshit.
Nicole Peeler co- host
Nicole Peeler is an award-winning writer and author of the beloved urban fantasy series Jane True, among other things. She is a professor at Seton Hill University, where she directs the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program. Nicole has spoken at the Library of Congress, Comic Con, and to lots of people on the phone.

A biologist superfan named a wasp Cystomastacoides nicolepeelerae after Nicole. A friend also named a sandwich "The Nikki" after her.

Nicole Peeler's literary agent is Rebecca Strauss at DeFiore and Company.

Tasha Gideon co- host
Tasha Gideon is a holistic strategist and messaging expert who most often works with women-led start-ups. She writes and speaks on what a healthier version of "success" might look like, and -- related -- how Silicon Valley is basically a cult. Her podcast "What's the Meaning of This?" was in the top 20% of podcasts and held a five-star rating until she got kind of bored of it and archived it last year.

She has no insects or foods named after her.

Tasha Gideon's strategy agency is Verrah.

☏The neckline.☏

Who's on the line? It's you!
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What we're super interested in right now:

  • The ubiquity of patriarchy and your (old or recent) revelations about your experiences. Short anecdotes are great! 
  • Your thoughts on the relationship between white feminism and white supremacy and the patriarchy.
  • Your relationship with anger. Where does it live in your body? Has it changed over time? Where did you learn about it?

Good ol' all-purpose topics: 

  • #AIITD (Am I in the dicksand?) 
    Are you afraid you tripped and fell in the dicksand? Is something on your shoe and you fear it might be patriarchal bullshit? Tell us what’s up and we may answer on the show.
  • #DPSA (Dicksand Public Service Announcement) 
    Have you found some dicksand others need to know about? Do your civic duty and spread the word.
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